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Essential Advice For Keeping Your Home’s Carpets Healthy

Posted on by creare

Carpets can make or break the look of a room – kept clean, fresh and well maintained they can brighten a room and make it feel comfortable and welcoming. If not treated properly, however, the carpets themselves will look old and tired and impact on the rest of the room.

But don’t panic – here at Jet Maid we’re on hand to offer some essential carpet maintenance tips which, along with our professional home cleaning services, can keep your home looking great.

Regular Carpet Vacuuming

It’s important to vacuum your carpets regularly, roughly once a week, to ensure that they not only look great but to reduce damage and wear. Small gritty particles can lurk amongst soft looking dust and fluff, but over time these abrasive materials can wear away the fibres of your carpet and make it look thin, faded and lifeless.

Simple regular vacuuming of your carpets, particularly key ‘walk way’ areas which are frequently walked on, can help avoid this wear and keep your carpets looking newer and more fresh for longer. If vacuuming is a household task that you usually struggle with, whatever the reasons may be, then you can count on our domestic cleaning services here at Jet Maid to help you keep your carpets fresh, clean and with a longer life.

Treat Stains Carefully

If you experience a stain or spillage on your carpet, then it’s important to act sooner rather than later to increase your chances of having the stain removed. Do no rub the stain, use washing up liquids or household cleaning products to try and remove it as these methods will likely lock in the stain as well as cause damage to your carpet.

Blot the area with an absorbent cloth to try and soak up as much of the liquid or stain as possible, but be sure to consult a professional as soon as possible to ensure the stain can be cleaned out successfully. Tackling stain removal yourself might seem tempting, but the fact is that improper use of harsh cleaning chemicals could potentially damage your carpet or lock the stain in – use our professional services here at Jet Maid to ensure a clean, stain-free carpet.

Sometimes keeping your home clean and tidy can be difficult for a number of reasons; whether you’re completely rushed off your feet with work or your family, or you simply struggle with some tasks due to disabilities or old age. If you require help with vacuuming or cleaning your carpets, or simply need a professional to sort out stains, then give us a call today on 01923 671 326.

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How Clean Is Your Office? Top Tips For A Cleaner Work Environment

Posted on by creare

When we get to working age, we spend roughly 30% of our lives at work – factor in socialising and spending time outside of your home, and it becomes obvious that having a welcoming and inspiring working environment is pretty important.

And something that plays a massive part in our perceptions of work and our productivity is how clean and tidy our working spaces are. So how do we go about making sure we get the best kind of environment at work?

Ensure Desks Are Tidy

It sounds like a really simple tip, but just regularly making sure your own personal desk or cubicle areas are clean, tidy and free of any rubbish can really help to create a much better working environment. Clutter and mess will only breed stress, but simply popping the rubbish from your lunch in the bin by your desk or sticking those defunct papers into your paper recycling bin will make a huge difference.

Not only will you find you and your colleagues being more productive in a much tidier atmosphere, but it’ll also be much easier for your or your contracted cleaners to keep your desks and surrounding areas clean as well as tidy.

Use Our Commercial Cleaning Services

In reality, there’s only so much that you as employees can do to create a clean office before you start pushing round the hoover – and that’s not your job, it’s ours! Here at Jet Maid we offer a number of professional office cleaning services in Watford, St Albans and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced team of fully-uniformed cleaning staff can provide your business with a number of comprehensive cleaning, carpet cleaning and window cleaning services, drawing on 30 years’ of experience to complete all jobs to an impeccably high standard.

With public liability insurance up to £5,000,000, professional staff providing a friendly service and a large fleet of 13 vehicles on hand, why not call us today on 01923 671326. We can help find the perfect office cleaning services to suit your needs.

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Jet Maid: Making Your Life Easier For Over 30 Years

Posted on by creare

Here at Jet Maid we pride ourselves on being able to provide superb cleaning services, and our 30 years’ of experience in the business mean we can provide an optimum service to all our customers – however much help they require in the home.

Established back in 1983, we are able to provide virtually any kind of cleaning service you can imagine – from simple household cleaning and window cleaning to full curtain and upholstery cleaning, and even ironing services, we can provide a cleaning service that suits whatever needs you might have.

Domestic Cleaning

We offer a wide range of general domestic cleaning services here at Jet Maid, all designed with a cleaner and fresher home for you in mind. Whether you’re elderly or disable and find the difficulties in cleaning a real struggle, or you simply can’t find the time to get everything done, we can help.

Our outstanding services can cater for any amount or level of cleaning you require, whether you require cleaning throughout your home or simply need someone to stop by and clean your windows – whatever it is you need, we can provide you with the best possible service.

Carpet Cleaning

One particular service we are very proud of here at Jet Maid is our carpet cleaning services. Our experienced team of cleaners will ensure your carpets get nothing less than a thorough, deep clean, with our professional stain treatments and water cleaning extraction. The results are a brighter and fantastically restored carpet which is protected against allergens and re-soiling, and can be dry and ready to use again in just two hours.

Serving Watford, St. Albans and the surrounding areas with our superb professional service, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Jet Maid. We aren’t an agency, and all our staff are trained by us to incredibly high standards, so call us today on 01923 671 326 to arrange our competitively-priced services in your home.

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Welcome to our new website

Posted on by creare

Welcome to Jet Maids brand new cleaning website, if you are looking for a Cleaner in the Watford area then look no further, we have a professional team waiting to help you with whatever your requirements may be, Call us today for a no obligation quotation on 01923 671 326

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